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Experiences and Info - 100% passive revenue sharing - ADVERTISE and EARN.

The turbo for your success.
The most innovative traffic network with the most lucrative PayBack program on the Internet.

My GetMyAds experiences

Welcome to GetMyAds

100% passive revenue sharing - ADVERTISE and EARN

GetMyAds is a pioneer for innovative solutions.
The integrated Payback program informs the success of the entire
network with all active customers and affiliate partners.
The parent company was founded as early as 2011..
By 2015, only premium customers program benefited the payback.
Now it is open to all customers and Affiliates, expands internationally,
and is supported by numerous well-known entrepreneurs.
GetMyAds Quote:
With the emphasis on
quality and stability we will continue to
innovative products, services and lucrative models
develop for our customers and affiliates.
The GetMyAds website:
GetMyAds is assigned to the area of the "Revenue sharing" (abbreviated RevShare),
and there is the website in 7 languages:
Deutsch, English, Spanish, French, Italiano, Russisch and Turkey (Conditions in English only)..
The website includes an extensive FAQ section,
marketing tools such as banner ads, PTC Links, Leads links
Dashboard banners, newsletters and banners INFO videos.
The GetMyAds Landing Pages:
A Landing Page in 7 languages ​​(with video)
as an affiliate marketing tool is also available.


Why GetMyAds can change your life

GetMyAds Overview
  • More than 100,000 members in 34 countries around the world are already.
  • About 35 million paid commissions to affiliates.
  • Immediate start for EACH with guaranteed success possible.
  • Beginners earn up to 350, - USD per day, professionals much more.
  • Registration is free and without obligation.
  • No fees, no obligations, no subscription.
  • Login area and site are very clean and well laid out,
    so that everyone will quickly master.
  • As a customer, you are automatically in the Payback pool with
    1% Payback per purchased tokens (Ad-Pack) involved 600 benefit days..

    from each $ 50.00 tokens are $ 300.00 Payback.

How it works GetMyAds

Customers purchase so-called "token", each worth $ 50, to advertise.
The tokens can internally all products and services are paid.
Active tokens take 600 days at an Payback Program.
With each token, 40% in these Payback pool.
Therefore, all members receive every hour a refund (Payback)
on their purchased advertising packages (token).
This reimbursement is currently 1% a day ($ 0.50 / token / day).
50% of this reimbursement will be on your commission account
credited and can be paid out.
With the other 50% in your rebuy account,
you can buy new token and Internal promotional tools.
The amount of payback pool shall be measured at the amount of tokens,
which are sold to date.
The Payback pool is filled additionally by other revenues.
Each customer can purchase up to 1,000 token,
before then after 3 months will benefit from the Premium Partner Program.
The Payback pool can each customer, directly to the success of GetMyAds benefit.

Update - PayBack: 2016-10-06

Advertise GetMyAds Partner

GetMyAds offers all a lucrative affiliate and sub-affiliate program
Recommend GetMyAds new clients (affiliate),
you will receive on each line booking of this customer 12% direct commission.
Even for customers (sub-affiliates) of its direct affiliate you receive commissions.
For these sub-affiliates you receive from the
sub-affiliate program for a further 12% commission paid in real time.
12% each = $ 6.00 on each token purchase
their referals in the 1st and 2nd level of their downline.
Moreover, there is still a mentor bonus for extracting active affiliates,
assisting their affiliates and sub-affiliates.
In Dashboard finds to each his own Landing Page!
This landing page is available in 7 languages ​​and provides
an optimal promotional tool for the international online marketing!
Example: Token - commissions
If you win new partners, you receive
12 percent for each token, to the partner (affiliate) buys.
This corresponds to $ 6.00 for each token its affiliate.
Also 12 percent commission you get
when your directly recruited partners and new customers (sub- Affiliates) advertises
and acquire these also tokens.
Example 1:
2 Affiliate buy 5 each token = 10 tokens = $ 60.00 commission
4 sub-affiliates buy 5 each token = 20 tokens = $ 120.00 commission
your commission = $ 180.00
Example 2:
2 Affiliate ever buy 10 tokens = 20 tokens = $ 120.00 commission
4 sub-affiliates ever buy 10 tokens = 40 tokens = $ 240.00 commission
your commission = $ 360.00
My experience:
After one week active marketing I had
9 affiliate and 11 sub-affiliates in my downline !.
bought Of these 9 affiliate and 8 sub-affiliates token,
which brought me within 7 days, a fee of $ 1,720.00.
That you also want ?!

GetMyAds deposits and withdrawals

Token buy (deposits) are possible via:
  • accumulated balances
  • Sofortüberweisung
  • normal bank transfer
  • VISA and MasterCard
  • Payeer
  • 2Pay4You
Payments are possible from $ 20.00:
  • 2Pay4You
  • Payeer
  • Bank Transfer (here from $300.00)
For payments, you will receive an invoice.

Switch to GetMyAds Advertising

The switch of advertising on GetMyAds process is relatively simple.
After the token purchase you will find the corresponding token under
- My Tokens - again, and with a click on
- Activate Traffic - the particular token, you can start already.

GetMyAds Werbung 1

On the next page you can then select the appropriate tool depending on availability and activate.

GetMyAds Werbung 2

GetMyAds Werbung 3


Is GetMyAds trustworthy?

The question „Is GetMyAds serious?“ I can not really answer.
I have made ​​to date with GetMyAds only good experiences
and can so far NOTHING NEGATIVE say GetMyAds.

The switched me Advertisement brought visible results
and to even more affiliate.
The website of GetMyAds works without problems and
is clearly and intuitively designed.
The offer GetMyAds
REF links REG-links and landing pages
work quickly and reliably.
All deposits of me were booked correctly and promptly.
2Pay4You - in Live Time,
the bank transfers - 3 business days.
The refund in the amount of 1% per token and tag is as described.
In my calculation I am even on a percentage of
come 1.15% per token and day.
The disbursements were quickly and correctly.
2Pay4You - in Live Time,
the bank transfers - only 2 working days needed to crediting my account.

My conclusion to GetMyAds

The website of GetMyAds is tidy, clear and intuitive.
It works quickly and without problems.
GetMyAds offers a number of good tools such as
banner ads, PTC Links, Leads links
Dashboard Banner, Newsletter banners and info-videos and
a Landing Page in 7 languages ​​(with video) as a marketing tool.
An attractive 12% commission from the 1st and 2nd affiliate downline.
Deposits and withdrawals via 2Pay4You, Payeer and bank transfer.
All my cash receipts and disbursements to date easily and promptly.

+ No registration fees
+ no membership fees
+ no compulsion Login
+ not look at it from foreign advertising needed
+ no additional cost

GetMyAds is .. 100% passive revenue sharing - ADVERTISE and EARN

The term of the ad pack is very high with 600 days and promotes rapid growth.
To illustrate this, I have a
GetMyAds calculator built (INFO below).
However, like all ad platforms Share of course there is some risk.
Whether this system persists, the future will show.